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  Michigan Masonic Museum and Library Information on Masonry - A 66 pages of slides of a presentation on Masonry by the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library.
  Michigan Masonic Petition for membership - For Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34, $100 Application fee must accompany the Petition so that an committee visit may occur, and if the Lodge votes acceptance of Petition from the committee's report the Entered Apprentice degree can be scheduled. To be scheduled for the Fellow Craft degree there is a $75.00 fee and for the Master Mason Degree $75.00 (these fees can be paid at the time of submitting the petition, and must be paid before the degree can be given). The years dues of $165.00 which is billed in November and DUE January 1 each year.
  Scholarship Application - Must be submitted to the Lodge no later then April 30 of the year. Mail to: Grand Rapids Lodge 34 Secretary 233 Fulton Street East Suite 110, Grand Rapids MI 49503. We can only accept the original documents and official transcripts.