BGP Special Election -Cancelled

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 8:00pm   to   9:00pm


(CANCELLED) Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34 has been directed by the Board of General Purposes (BGP) President WB Don Meldrum PM to host the elections of a BGP for District 11 which was recently vacated by the death of WB Jeff Foreman PM, and fulfill the remaining term of his BGP position which ends in 2021. In 2021 another election will be held for the normal three-year term BGP, along with elections for the DDI position three-year term.

§ A vacancy in the office of an elected DDI or BGP member shall occur by: (a) Resignation in writing filed with the Grand Secretary. (b) Death. (c) Loss of the qualifications required by § (2003) (d) Election to a constitutional Grand Lodge Office. (2003)

§ A vacancy in the office of an elected DDI or BGP member shall be filled by special election called by the Grand Master in the District wherein such vacancy exists and shall be held on the notice and in the manner prescribed by § and § above. (1970, 1974, 2003)

This 2020 Special election for Board of General Purposes will be a one-year term starting immediately and they will be installed at the end of Grand Lodge Session in May 2020. Nominations must come from those present at the meeting and must be a Master or Past Master to be nominated. Those eligible to vote are Worshipful Masters, Past Masters, Senior and Junior Wardens. Any Master Mason may attend and watch the proceedings.

This Special election will occur in the 3rd floor Blue Lodge room at the Grand Rapids Masonic Center 233 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids Michigan 49512 on Wednesday March 18th beginning at 8PM in the 3rd floor Blue Lodge Room. Currently we have been notified that WB Todd Schmitz PM of Unity 191 will be running for the position of BGP.

§  Only a Master or Past Master in good standing in this Grand Jurisdiction shall be eligible for election as a DDI or BGP member. They shall retain such membership only as long as they qualify under the provisions hereof. (1970, 1997, 2003, 2007) 

With the COVID-19 outbreak getting worse there are some things I would like to say. First, we still have a BGP election as scheduled. As of right now, it has not been cancelled. That being said, we need to take some precautions. People 60 years or older and/or have a weakened immune system are at the highest risk with this virus. PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE ELDERLY OR HAVE A WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM! If you are sick (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.) it is advised you also stay home.

Second, washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds or more greatly reduces the risk of spreading viruses. For every 10 seconds past 20 that you wash your hands, you exponentially reduce the amount of germs and viruses on your hands. Use hand sanitizer only after washing your hands. HAND SANITIZER IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR WASHING HANDS!! If you do not wash your hands first you are only trapping germs and viruses on your hands. Wash after touching anything for public use, using the bathroom, handling money, or after coughing and sneezing!

Third, if there are any Brothers in need of assistance during this time due to the inability to leave their house, it would be prudent to contact me. You can reach me at 616-278-8003. We will figure out a way to help and ensure your safety and health.

If the BGP election gets cancelled, I will send something out as notice to the membership. Please use common sense and good hygienic practices.

Worshipful Master Steve Powers

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